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Soothing your dearest being has never been easier. Playing calming songs for sleep and popular smooth lullabies will soothe your baby who has troubles with sleep. Bedtime music is the perfect solution for both babies and children. You can share and provide your baby with such an experience which only bedtime music can give. Lullabies can help you communicate with your child in a special way and calm you and your baby. You can surely conclude that your Windows Phone needs some of our best and most popular mp3 music, including lullabies, songs for kids and nursery rhymes that will create a perfect bedtime atmosphere needed to put your infant to sleep or to calm it. These popular mp3 songs can be downloaded for free, and we assure you that your children will love them. Another interesting offer encompasses the text of the lullabies which you can learn and sing to your child. In this way you will be able, if you wish to sing those same songs to your children before sleeping. In this app, you will find some of the classic and most loved lullabies, such as those of Brahms and Mozzart, French, Russian and Spanish. They are perfect for sending your child to sleep.  Just choose your favorite classic lullabies and other melodies suitable for bedtime from the list below. You can learn all the words, if you want to sing them yourselves. You can also play some of the Christmas melodies from our list which are among the best ones. Be sure that your child will be calm and sleep perfectly after hearing these lullabies. Features of ‘Baby Lullabies’ app: = = = = = = listen to the lullabies songs instantly set timer to stop the music after a while lyrics for songs included add to favourites high quality audio recordings a collection of the best, hand picked lullabies Baby Lullabies in the app: = = = = = = = = = - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Brahms Lullaby - Over the rainbow - Rock A Bye Baby - Lullaby of a Princess - and many others Besides English lullabies, this app contains German, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Serbian and Polish songs as well. Legal Info: Lullabies, songs and music used in “Baby Lullabies” app are under Creative Commons or Public Domain license with appropriate credits given to authors.


  • 婴儿摇篮曲
  • 婴儿摇篮曲
  • 婴儿摇篮曲


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