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WordBrain-A Word Puzzle Challenge Game

WordBrain-A Word Puzzle Challenge Game

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 Do you like word brain? This letter puzzle game will surprise you. Edujoy’s word brain game is easy to play, ideal for hours of fun entertainment while training your brain. It is suitable for both adults and children, resulting in an educational and enriching experience as you play. It has different levels of difficulty, making it perfect for anyone who is on the lookout for words on a board. Easy: Perfect for little kids. In addition, the clue system helps you find a new word when the child is stuck in a movement. Medium: As you move up in the game the level becomes much more difficult and challenging than the last because it’s thought for older children. Hard: This level is made for adults who are looking to test and train their brain with a classic puzzle game. Extreme: Only the bravest may face this level! A difficult feat for those up for the challenge. Do you think you'll be able to beat it? Our app is a classic mental game for all ages. Find the hidden words! 5 levels of difficulty for all ages - easy for children all the way up to extreme for adults. Engaging lessons give students multiple exposures to each word, leading to long-term retention. Audio support provides extra scaffolding for struggling readers or English language learners. Search and find words in many exciting puzzles,Optional hints and auto solve for hard puzzles will help you alot. You will never want to play another word search game and end up referring it to your friends! Every time you play it's a new experience due to our generating system that creates a brand new, random puzzle game. By doing this, it makes it challenging for you every time and allows us to keep you wanting to solve the puzzle. So, you will never get bored! The word crack boards are created with many fundamental topics: food, animals, cities, countries, transport, home, colors, sports… Are you ready to solve hundreds of fun-filled puzzles? In addition, the game is integrated with game services making it a social experience with your friends and family. This system allows you to compare your skills and results with others and millions of people around the world. Rankings and achievements included. The classification is based on the time needed to complete a level. So the faster you are, the higher you rank. Through your achievements, you can track your progress and know how you are doing as time passes by. Unlock all and eventually you'll become the master of puzzles. All you have to do is search for a word, and when you find one, mark it with the finger from the first letter to the last. By doing so, if the word is correct it will be marked with a distinctive color and you'll can search the next. Reasons to try Word brain right now:- - It’s the perfect blend of brain teaser, word game, and puzzle! - Word brain offers hundreds of levels, from easy to difficult! - Get smarter and sharpen your skills in vocabulary and spelling! - Easy to use with colorful nice graphics! HOW TO PLAY:- • Words can be searched in Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal & Backwards. • Swipe your finger over the word and select it.. • Find all the words in the list to complete the level. • Find the words faster and get the high scores and rankings. KEY FEATURES:- - Search and find words in many exciting puzzles - Optional hints and auto solve for hard puzzles - Lots of puzzles to choose from including Food,Holidays,Words, Places - and animals, kids, countries. - Simple intuitive gameplay by taps or swipes; - 4 unique game modes; - Hints function helps to expand your vocabulary; - Word search for 9 languages. - Records to save your time when you win. Thanks to you, It’s very important for us that you share your opinions as we improve based off the feedback we receive. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us on our site or through our profiles on social media:


  • WordBrain-A Word Puzzle Challenge Game
  • WordBrain-A Word Puzzle Challenge Game
  • WordBrain-A Word Puzzle Challenge Game


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