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 From account balance to transactions and transfers 

– your Sparkasse is wherever you are.  THE SMALLEST SPARKASSE BRANCH NOW ALSO ON WINDOWS 8.1 
With Sparkasse, you always have your Sparkasse accounts right by your side. 
View your account balances, make a transfer and check your cashflow.  
Financial planning 
- Graphical analyses of the last 30 days of your account activity for individual accounts or a summary of all accounts 
- At-a-glance analysis, such as comparisons or views over time, support you in your financial planning  
Account types +++ Any number of your Sparkasse accounts +++ 
- Checking accounts - Savings accounts - Fixed-term deposit accounts 
- Loan accounts - Credit cards - Securities  
Transactions +++ Automatic conversion of account and routing number to IBAN and BIC +++ 
- SEPA transfer 
- SEPA one-time transfer 
- SEPA standing order 
- SEPA account transfer  
- The app communicates through encrypted interfaces and provides secure data transfer according to the German guidelines for online banking 
- Saved data is encrypted 
- Protection through an individual password  Additional information 
- In the app, you can make the accounts from a savings bank 
- You need for online banking (HBCI with PIN/TAN; FinTS with PIN/TAN) unlocked savings account 
- For what kind of account, you can use the app, is dependent on your Sparkasse 
- Supported TAN methods: chipTAN manually, chipTAN comfort (optical) 
- Use in your savings can incur costs. Please ask there, whether and to what extent they have may becharged 
- For more information, see


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