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OneSync Reader

OneSync Reader

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 What can you do with this app?

➡ This app is e-book reader for your EPUB e-books. You can also open HTML and TXT files.
➡ You can synchronizace your reading position and bookmarks on all your Windows and Android devices.
➡ You can use this app completely free of charge. No in-app purchases, no ads.
➡ While book is open you can show panel with settings, content and bookmarks by doubletap or long press (you can close that panel by back button or just tap somewhere outside the panel).
➡ You can navigate to the pages by volume button.
➡ You can control brightness by pan on the edge.
➡ Do you hold the phone in one hand? You can navigate to the next page by tapping anywhere on the screen. You can always go to the previous page by swipe right.
➡ You can read your book in night mode.
➡ You can contribute to the app since it's open source :)
How to synchronize your data?
➡ It's easy, don't worry :)
➡ You can synchronize your reading position and bookmarks.
➡ You can download Android version on Google Play.
➡ Just connect all your devices to your Dropbox account or sign up with the same e-mail and password (no need to register somewhere, just sign up the same credentials).


  • OneSync Reader
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